About Us

Reach-Out Integrated (ROI) is a registered civic responsibility and social development organization committed to meeting the community’s social needs and developing young dynamic leaders who will close-up Africa’s leadership deficits and redefine the future of the continent. ROI  provides online and offline mentorship to young people across Africa who have the flare for civil leadership, community service and social entrepreneurship. We identify the best and the brightest youths, bring them together and motivate them to the path of success. For those who love social entrepreneurship, we provide them with the necessary resources, guidance and information from idea stage to start-up, we assist them with their business plans and connect them with available opportunities per time. For those who love community service, we avail them our platform and give them the necessary tools to carryout their ideas for their community, we promote their works and equally connect them with relevant opportunities. ROI continues to build a great community of emerging African leaders through innovative social leadership initiatives, allowing young leaders to connect and partner among themselves. We seek to raise leaders who will lead professionally and ethically, who will not just initiate but also execute ideas that would transform their immediate communities and organizations for the better, thus contributing to Africa’s development.